We provide a solution to your project’s needs, no matter how complicated. We are dedicated to every step of the process from consultation to execution.

Energy/Electrical/Renewable Energy

Helical Piles are an effective foundation solution for a range of transmission and distribution structures, including telecom, transmission towers, substation, Solar panel, and power plants structures.

Features and key benefits:

  • An engineer modular foundation system that improves productivity
  • Can be installed in any weather conditions
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional foundations
  • No spoils to remove
  • Immediate loading of structures
  • Minimizes or eliminates use of concrete
  • Environmentally friendly

Civil Infrastructure: New Construction, Commercial, Residential, Industrial

Helical Piles are a deep foundation system suitable for commercial, residential and industrial structures. They can be designed for light to heavily loaded structures.

Features and key benefits:

  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • No vibration that can damage adjacent structures
  • Quick installation that can be loaded immediately
  • Modular system that can be installed in places with limited space, high water table and load bearing soils

Retrofitting/Stabilizing/Lifting Existing Foundations

Helical Piles are an ideal foundation solution for stabilizing and lifting those structures with settlement problems or retrofitting existing foundations to increase their load capabilities.

Features and key benefits:

  • No vibration that can damage adjacent structures
  • Quick installation that can be loaded immediately
  • Install in limited access or areas with limited low overhead
How do I get a quote?

Our team holds a consultation to collect data and discover essential project details i.e., evaluating the geo-technical report and environmental factors regarding structure type. We then deliver a quote to the client and solidify the project’s scope of work.

What sets Helical Foundation Solutions Apart?

Our “turn-key” nature, apart from installation, is what sets us apart from the industry, along with our dedication to the needs of each unique project.

Where do you service?

We are proud to offer international support to our clients. We have served in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, South Africa and more!

Who do you work with?

Helical works with a variety of clients, including general contractors and development groups. We also collaborate with channel partners and high-level experts in the preparation process and onsite to execute the projects efficiently and safely according to country policies.