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Date: August – September 2021

  • Project Overview: Clean and environmentally friendly, futuristic fuel is being generated in Chile’s Southern region. This is where you will find the world first integrated commercial and industrial plant for making synthetic climate neutral fuels. Some of those structures will be supported by Helical Piles.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Clean, fast and simple installation.
    • Quick, simple and clean execution of the helical pile installation compared to the traditional solution of the project that contemplated excavating and replacing a few meters of soil under the entire structure.
    • Installation in all weather conditions.
    • Small equipment that does not generate interference with other activities at project site.
    • Specialized trained and certified installation crew.
  • Engineering support: Constant and prompt engineering support in making adjustments to the original design based on the changes that the project underwent during its execution.
  • Environmental benefits: No vibration during installation, minimize use of concrete and no spoils.

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