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Jales Dam in Zacatecas, Mexico

Date: September 2022

  • Project Overview: Clean and environmentally friendly, futuristic fuel is being generated in Chile’s Southern region. This is where you will find the world first integrated commercial and industrial plant for making synthetic climate neutral fuels. Some of those structures will be supported by Helical Piles.
    Key Benefits:
    • Traditional piles require to be embedded in a resistant stratum to provide settlement control. For this project the geotechnical exploration did not find it until the maximum exploration depth of (30) meters. Helical piles provide enough capacity at (14) meters.
    • Traditional pile foundation required two months for contruction. Helical piles were installed in three days.
    • A new efficient foundation solution was proposed and adapted to the design specifications. During the installation of the helical piles, the estimated torque was not reached, so the design was immediately optimized.
    • Our design and installation was executed under the support, safety, and quality standards required by Helical Foundation Solutions.

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