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Helical Foundation Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative engineering solutions to General Contractors, Development Groups, and Geo-technical, Civil, and Structural Engineers on an international scale. Helical Piles continue to be a proven and optimal foundation system for a diverse portfolio of clientele. Our team of industry experts create unique designs catered specifically to each project’s requirements, while keeping country policies, environmental factors, structural details, and more at the forefront. Doing this ensures seamless execution paired with our training to onsite crews for excellent “turn-key” results.

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We are proud to be members of the Deep Foundation Institute.

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Seamless Execution and Turn-Key Results

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Every project is unique.

How we work with you

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Our team holds a consultation to collect data and discover essential project details i.e., evaluating the geo-technical report and environmental factors regarding structure type. We then deliver a quote to the client and solidify the project’s scope of work.

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Analyze Logistics

Next, our team digs into survey information provided by channel partners and project logistics necessary to execute on-site. Our “turn-key” nature, apart from installation, is what sets us apart from the industry, along with our dedication to the needs of each unique project.

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Design & Engineering

After solidifying the execution strategy, our team creates a preliminary design to support the project. A major component to the efficiency and success we foster is based on our international onsite training and certification of the installation crews. Here, we take another close look covering the details for logistics and analysis then confirm the final engineering design for quotation with our channel partner.

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Supply & Execution

Let’s get to work! The final step of this process is carrying out the plans set in place. We provide supervision and training for international installations to ensure seamless implementation. Throughout the entirety of the process, we are collaborating with high-level experts to execute the project efficiently and safely according to country policies.

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